Name: 200 ml Bottle

Code: L2200B

Material: PP

Dimensions: height 112,9 mm / diameter 57,9 mm

Weight: 29g

Cap: 40 mm


LDPE bag: 130 ks

Carton: 1300 ks

Pallet: 1300 ks


The 200 ml bottle is intended namely for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries for packaging of tablets, capsules, pills etc.

The basic colour is white but any other colour is available on the customer’s request.

Its surface is smooth and glossy.

The product is suitable for contact with food and used materials are CERTIFIED AS BEING SAFE FOR HEALTH.

200 ml Bottle :

  • It is highly resistant against air moisture penetration
  • It has a high quality and aesthetic appearance
  • It is manufactured using the cutting edge technology of injection blow moulding.