Filling and Packing

For those customers who need a comprehensive service, we offer the filling of tablets into bottles on automatic lines. The entire process is managed using state-of-the-art packaging technology, which also precisely distributes tablets in individual bottles using an extremely high-precision microchip control unit.

Automatic feeding and closing of the caps are a matter of course. Labelling is done using the high-performance part of the line, which also provides a description of the labels by batch number and expiry date. The induction liner performs automatic sealing of the seal liners to ensure the primary tightness of the product. At the customer’s request, the entire process can be completed by inserting the containers and any package leaflets into a carton box, which can also be automatically imprinted with the batch number and expiry date.

The sophisticated packaging line contains several sensors ensuring the detection of defects throughout the entire packaging process and thus any non-conformities.

Production processes are performed in clean rooms and meet the demanding criteria of the Good Manufacturing Practice.